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Tough as Hell

The Wyatt Collection is built to survive whatever you throw at it. Cone Denim® is woven with 8% Dyneema® fiber to increase abrasion and wear resistance, making it less likely to blow out at high-wear areas than standard denim.

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Cone Denim®

Since 1891, Cone Denim has been producing legendary denim in North Carolina. They're leaders in the denim business, working simultaneously on cutting-edge materials technology and on traditional, heritage fabrics. The result is some of the highest-quality, toughest denim in the world.

Our custom-woven raw, sanfordized 12oz. denim is woven in North Carolina. This heavy-duty fabric will break in beautifully with wear, showing the character and lifestyle of the wearer in its creases, whiskers and fades.

Wyatt Collection Cone Denim

Touted as The World's Strongest Fiber, Dyneema® fiber is twenty-five times stronger than steel, but is flexible enough for us to weave into all-day, every-day denim. It's incredibly wear-resistant, and is used in body armor, protective gear, medical technologies and industrial applications. Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM. Use of this trade mark is prohibited unless strictly authorized.

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American Made

We build every piece of the Wyatt Collection in a factory just eight blocks from our San Francisco, CA headquarters. The factory we work with is the oldest-standing workwear factory in California, and the construction of this collection is exceptional in every way. The Wyatt Collection is 100% US Made. All fabric, thread and hardware is made in the US.