Folsom Pant

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Our New urban cycling pants made with water and stain resistant, durable 2-way stretch Schoeller 3XDRY®. Workpant inspired with enhanced technical features and performance you can ride all day. Everyday.

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Review by Santa Claus

I live in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland and picked these up last August to try and weather the conditions this far up. I used them through Autumn, Winter, and now into Spring and can say they stand up to a lot of abuse. As the seasons change here you have to deal with pretty extreme cold (-40 some times), ice, snow, slush, rain, mud, the whole works. The true strength of these pants is their durability and their quick drying capabilities. With the conditions the way they are here it's inevitable that you will get wet, no matter the material, but with these once you're inside they're breathable enough to dry very quickly, so no soggy buns for too long. Also, any dirt/mud/grime that gets on these easily brushes off once you're out of the wet and you're good to go. I've washed them maybe a couple times since I bought them but no more, there hasn't been much need. Generally for the cold, I was fine with some wool long johns down to about -10F, so likely for the vast majority of people in the world they're going to be perfectly suitable.

As for the durability, they're quite tough. I can't see anything other than a major fall/slide poking a hole in these, and believe me, with the ice sheets that I have to ride across I've fallen a lot. They're actually quite soft, these pants, and after 8 months of break in they're even more supple, and are an extremely comfortable pair. After a while they mold to your body pretty closely. Keep in mind these are designed for cyclists so they have some pretty straight and wide thighs, which is perfect me and my cannon quads, but maybe not for everybody.

Overall they're a steep buy and I was kind of worried that I was buying something of a vanity product, but they've been equal to the task of biking around the Arctic Circle and more, I quite like them. Some downsides:
The long inseams are a bit of a nuisance, I had to roll mine up because i haven't bothered to hem them yet, though this does allow you some degree of customization.
Made in China. I'm usually not this kind of person to lament this, and the quality is great, but I would have liked to have gone for a product made in America. Especially at this price.
Colors: Would like to see some more diversity here


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