Barrage Cargo Backpack

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Our compact 100% Welded-Waterproof Rolltop with versatile cargo net compression system and iconic seatbelt buckle. Made in USA. Guaranteed for Life.

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    • Made in USA
    • Dimensions: 21"H x 11.5"W x 5.5"D 22L
    • Adjustable external 5-point cargo net system for storage

Make it yours.

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Best backpack

Review by Guillaume

Got my barrage bag for a little more than one month now. I was looking for a backpack to replace my 20 years old timbuk2 messenger back and to take the load on both my aging shoulders. I ordered the barrage on a recommendation from a good friend. I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

The build quality is there, the size is not to big nor too small, the design is well done so I do not really feel the weight when it is fully loaded.

I use it primaly for commuting so I carry spare tube and tools, lock, cell phone, wallet, hearing aid bag, clothes, lunch and various books or documents. So far I have found my bananas are in way better shape than in my messenger bag! The side pockets at the bottom are keeping my keys and access cards safe. The cargo net is nice to carry my smelly towels, soccer ball or wet running shoes.

Juste one thing, I though I'd get a side access under the cargo net as I saw on the pictures, but it is not there... well.

Overall great bag, I'm sure it will stand 20 years like my timbuk2.


All you need in a backpack

Review by MattO

This is my second Chrome bag and it won't be my last. I was looking for a good quality backpack that wasn't specifically for laptops and Chrome was the first place I looked. The Barrage seemed versatile for day-to-day use whether I was riding my bike or driving in to work.
Other than my helmet the netting is great for other bulky gear I don't want to put in the bag and the main compartment is great for keeping a change of clothes and hauling my daily groceries. The secondary compartment is a bit more narrow but is great for my reusable grocery bags and keeping my jacket if it's gotten wet in the rain or keeping documents separate from my other cargo. I had a spill and the lining everything stayed in the bag and didn't get on me. The roll top makes access easy but still keeps everything dry in the rain.
I feel comfortable saying this is the last backpack I'm getting because I don't feel I'll need another one.


Cargo Manifest Destiny

Review by Richie

I already have a few bags from you company and . I use the hell out of them. Recently I found I need to carry a lot more. I have been commuting a lot to and from my house. So I upgrade into a barrage bag the wet/dry aspect sold most of all. I really hate that you move the full size pocket from the top down to the side out could have used that. I'm over it already, anyway I got the bag and a tool rolls for loose stuff. Since I bought it almost a week ago I found that it's a beast and I'm using the standard bag not the pro. Have taken it to the Beaches then Downtown, over to our Arts District and then into The Valley at the malls. It holds a lot, drink on either side and more. I like having the divided space inside. I can carry a bunch of camera gear or food sometimes both. Overall it's nice I will state this for the record the accessories straps are not the best for guys like me (I'm bigger in the shoulders). So I can't use any pouches as they cut into my neck. Well for the design and concept it's a nice bag and you can be sure I'll have this for awhile. It's my new go to bag. Here to many adventures ahead.


A great bag that for dumping all your stuff in

Review by PearShapedBoy

Before I make my review, there are some items that need to be addressed: The images (as of 6/15/16) on the Chrome website are not accurate to the current product. The heavy duty velcro on the shoulder straps is no longer part of the design of the Barrage backpack; also, the secondary compartment that runs the length of the bag is no longer there as well. Instead, there is a small side pouch that can be loaded perpendicularly to the bag and is only big enough for a few pocket-sized items.

That being said, the Barrage backpack is of amazing quality. Some might say that $180 is too much for a backpack, but once you get this bag in your hand, the quality is apparent. The fabric, the shoulder straps, the cargo net--all of it feels sturdy and well put together...except for one thing: the handle at the top of the bag.

I have a few backpacks (ranging from $40-$60) and all of them have a padded handle at the top of the back. Oddly, the Barrage only features a simple fabric handle at the top of the bag. This is the only part of the bag that feels underbuilt, and it's a little odd that the designers at Chrome decided not to included a padded handle on this part of the bag. If chrome were to fix this part of the bag, this would definitely a 5-star purchase.


Great bag but

Review by JCastillo1022

Great bag, use it everyday. Can fit my notebooks, macbook, & DSLR. Only problem with it is that it got sun bleached, now the roll top has a different color than the rest of the bag.


a step up

Review by JEFF

I was making deliveries with first a cooler bag from Whole Foods, then a Marmot Urban Hauler. This is a big step up. I'm totally waterproof now with this bag and I'm generally happy with the cargo net, even being able to fit a small cardboard box on top of the net, and with shock cables, was able to secure what I wanted.

The design is very open to interpretation, and although I would have liked a waterproof and more solid accessories pocket from this pack, I think I'll be happy adding a waterproof pouch and laptop sleeve to upgrade. Lots of options and applications with this bag. Highly recommended.


Best Bag Ever!

Review by Lightguy

I just picked up this bag recently from the Chicago hub! Great store the staff are awesome, big shout out to Grace for sewing the patches on mine while I waited & nailing where to put them. This bag rocks! Solid build great fit. I have a Citizen (2010) that's still going but wanted something to spread the weight onto both shoulders. Size is just right - lots of space but not massive on your back. I love all the details, used the cargo net already - holds your lid perfectly when not riding. Lastly you can't beat Chrome build quality.
Five stars!! Get this bag, you will love it, it's the best bag I've ever owned.


solid choice

Review by jbucky1

Im a product designer and a chrome purchaser for many years, having many chrome products. The brand clicks with me and the products are well done. One of my latest products was the barrage, I needed a bag for commuting to work, but also a general "life" bag, run to the grocery store bag, move some big parts etc bag. The barrage is well designed and very versatile. The cargo net is very useful, wet clothes , odd shaped items, helmets and bags of broccoli crowns (because the inside is full of beer and steaks for the grill). The bag has enough structure to not be a blob when loaded, and not to be too rigid, it's also slim so you have high visibility over the shoulders. The pockets on the side are perfect for U locks and it's comfortable to wear. the roll top is flexible for mid to large size loads. The construction quality is very high , feels hand made. There is only one attribute I would like to have designed better. Since I reide year round through winters and at night, I would like an attachment for a flashing rear light, hooking light to the cargo net is clumsy and also at the wrong orientation for car traffic behind you as the flasher needs to be lower. That's about it - Great bag, high value for money and I use it 6 days out of 7with no problems for the last year and a half. With regard to capacity, it can hold a lot, my daily load is , jeans, shirt, tools, notepads, some food U lock, lights, puncture kit. I can easily fit more which is great for stops at the grocery store on the way home and I sometimes carry shoes. A large grocery load would consist of 6 Pack of tall boy beer, brocolli crowns, cheese, 1/2 gallon of milk, 1lb of coffee, some sausages or steaks, a couple of onions, some carrots and a small block of cheese and crackers. This size load would still mean rolling the top a couple of turns. Killer Bag for the everyday.


Cargo net is way more useful than I assumed

Review by AthleticFeet

The cargo net was very appealing because I like to use my rollerblades as transportation whenever possible and I thought the cargo net would hold them very well. It is winter (at least it was on Monday) and so I thought I wouldn't have much use for it in the meantime. This bag immediately solved two things that I hate dealing with. I hate carrying my coat around as I move from lab to lab at school and I also hate stuffing my coat into a pocket of a bag...this cargo net is unbelievably perfect for easily storing my coat and keeping all of my personal items in a neat package so that I can pick up and move out quickly when I get sent to work in the various labs.

I am super stoked on this bag.


Almost Perfect !!

Review by Gal

I love this bag, using it for over 6 month almost daily, Comfortable, Durable and I love the look of it.
Few zippered side pockets and slightly larger ? wider will make it perfect 5*


The bag to beat ALL OTHERS

Review by BlueCarbon

I've had this bag for over a year now. I use it every day for commuting to/from work and crusin' around town. Rain or shine this bag does it all.
What can I say that others haven't already. The cargo net is fantastic for extra pair of shoes, helmet storage, packages etc.
As I believe someone else mention, it would be nice to have had a small little item pocket somewhere internal or external, but nothing a small chrome utility pouch strapped to the shoulder straps can't fix. I've used this thing to travel and it's great for that.


Best Bag I've ever bought

Review by The Pilot

Best bag I've ever bought. At first it feels u comfortable because of the shoulder rest piece. After a few rides and getting comfy with the shoulder rest piece it becomes amazing! It is the first actual waterproof bag I've bought although other brand bags say they are (just don't submerge the barrage). The cargo net really helps maximize capacity. I use this for college commute, cycling and I've even used it for camping! Great back padding. Bought it in Summer 2015. Still love the bag!


Extremely Versatile

Review by Erik

I love this bag. Its my go to bag for everyday use, hiking, biking, and everything in between. The barrage is small when it needs to be and big when you've got a lot to carry.


My Yellow Multi-Use Bag of Choice

Review by Jimmy Lovely

Love this bag for my daily commute in Norway! Mine is a cool custom build in bright yellow with reflective piping around all edges. The result: I am a visible cyclist even in the darkest, most unfriendly morning commutes during the long, harsh Norwegian winter. I have even used this bag in a 94km 4-hour mtb race as the pack is super comfy and in a narrow design. No issues. It hauls all my stuff in style and is extremely well-made. I keep keys and wallet and smaller items organized in a separate small zippered pouch - which eliminates having to fish-around in the bottom of the bag. Love the ability to expand using the webbing. On one grocery run, I carried 3 large frozen pizzas in the webbing on one grocery trip along with 40 lbs of groceries... Easy to adjust the straps and the quick release buckle is excellent. This backpack rules!


Love it

Review by Michael

This is a rock solid, well designed bag which is perfect for everyday commuting. It is flexible enough for small loads as well as extendable for bigger loads. The cargo net is one of my favorite features - great for stashing your helmet or a spare pair of shoes.


An excellent bag with impressive expandable capacity!

Review by Giraffe-on-a-bike

I've been using my Barrage for about a half a year now with an average of about 80 miles worth of bike commuting a week. The bag is very sturdy and holding up great as one would expect from a chrome bag. It is also quite comfortable, it has a good pad to cushion your back and spine as well as nice broad shoulder straps to disperse out the load on your shoulders effectively. That last point is particularly important because with the expandable cargo net on the back this bag can carry a lot of stuff which can get very heavy! The cargo net is also useful when you already have a loaded up internal compartment but you want to put your helmet somewhere when you are off the bike. This is hands down the best biking backpack I’ve had yet. My only small complaint is I wish it had a small zipper pocket or pouch for tiny items inside the bag. However, that can be overcome with things like a small pencil bag or a tool roll to keep small items together in the large compartment. Overall I would strongly recommend this bag.



Review by equiroz

Love it holds pretty much a lot and hot food keeped it hot,i was amazed with it,its my first chrome bag and love it not to small not to big and the net to carry my helmate came in handy dont have too carry it on my hands or head when not riding.


Again, stellar US build from these guys:)

Review by Martyn

Second bag from these guys! (I've had, and still use my Metropolis;)) Again, love the construction - Stellar US made quality. Sure, Chrome aren't the cheapest around, but if you want quality that'll last a lifetime, you've gotta pay the price. This'll easily be just as durable as my Metropolis. The laptop pocket is perfect, and I can just squeeze in my Nikon D800 with a 24-70mm, and occasionally use the netting to secure my Manfrotto tripod. The rectangular box shape is super practical as well, so it's easy to pack everything in. Love Chrome bags - Wouldn't look at anything else:) Please Chrome, keep the majority of the construction in the US. Do that, and I'll be loyal for life:)


5 star

Review by Bruce

It's a good bag it can carry a lot of stuff


No muss, no fuss, A+.

Review by xmeyer

Well thought out, beautifully made, urban backpack. Cycling, it sits on your back without wanting to flop to the side. Roll top lets you overload it, although overloading is better when walking than cycling. Waterproof like other backpacks are not. Mesh back is handy for stuffing layers for easy access. There is nothing to compare this to. If this is what you need, this is what you need.


Great bag. I hope they make a newer version that is slightly wider.

Review by Sammyboyg

This bag is okay, I've been wearing it everyday for the past few months. The only problem I have with it is that it's too narrow on the inside. You can pile it up high, but if you have an item that is wider than 12" then you'll have a hard time figuring out how to carry it. But that's when the net comes in handy.



Review by dade1er

I got this bag 9 months ago to lug around my school crap. I really dig it, it holds alotta stuff. The only complaint that I have is that there is no stash pocket to keep things like pencils, flash drives, erasers, and what not safe. If you guys added a small zipper pocket say...on the front under the cargo net this would be the best bag ever.


The Perfect Backpack (For Me)

Review by Jimbo

I decided to pick up a backpack for my daily bike commute, and after doing some research the Chrome Barrage seemed to fit the bill nicely.

I was first impressed with the size--it's neither too big or too small, for a daily commute. I can easily fit my essentials (jacket, sunglasses, extra clothes/shoes, bike tools, U-lock, and miscellaneous bits-and-bobs). However, the over all size is what really impressed me. Often I find it difficult to find backpacks that fit my torso properly, and comfortably. The Barrage is very nice in that it is very slim and has a low profile, and rests well on by shoulders.

The cargo net is very cool and handy. It's nice to be stash a jacket, or something without having to open up the entire bag. What I really like about this bag is: NO VELCRO! That's right, no velcro. I tend to have little faith in velcro as the sole source of what's between keeping my stuff secure and being scattered down the street as I'm riding my bike.

However, the one thing that keeps me from giving it a 5-star rating is the lack of space for smaller items. That was easily solved by getting one of Chrome's large accessory pouches, then just dropping it in the laptop compartment (I never haul a laptop around, anyway).


Great bag, love the cargo net

Review by Ben

This bag is awesome. The best part by far is the cargo net. I love having easy access to my bike lock and that is just the perfect spot for it. One issue is that the interior volume of the bag is controlled somewhat by the cargo net straps. This means that I need to unclip the cargo net in order to fit bigger items in the bag and then clip/adjust them once I close the top. Not a huge issue, but a slight pain.

One question for anyone who wants to answer it: What are the "Industrial strength Velcro accessory shoulder mounting straps" for? I am super interested in using them as I love added functionality but I have no idea what to use them for!


I Love This Thing

Review by Poobah

This bag is great. If you're looking to buy it for school, I would suggest the Citadel because it is wider and has a little bit more functionality to carry all of the things you need for a full day of classes.

I mostly use this bag for they gym now because I can toss my nasty shoes in the net, and wash out the bucket if it starts to smell funky from the times I forget to take out my sweaty clothes.

The only thing that is close to a con for this bag is that it is a little bit narrow. But besides that, the Barrage looks and performs great.


HEAVY-DUTY BAG, I assure you that..

Review by Yorge

Well, this is my official second bag that I've owned from Chrome, and I can say I am very glad I had spent the money I did when this bag was running a bit cheaper since it was a relatively new item , plus Chrome's Anniversary Sale was on as well. I have had this bag for more than a year now and it has withstood all the heavy lifting I can put it through like stuffing it to the top where it can't even roll to close any more because of all the books I used to carry in high school (I was kind of a nerd so I would at points carry all my books home). For all those who remember high school, or are still there, you know how heavy those books can get in one load! Going off on a side note since I am on this topic already, Chrome was very popular in my high school so I was glad to see that more and more young riders started recognizing quality! Now, back to the review, the barrage is also there whenever I go out for a good ride- stuffing it with some tools, spare inner tubes, water bottles, extra clothes for the cold, and even on-the-go snacks- and there is still plenty of more space to fit whatever else I might pick up along the road. This bag would have received my five stars as well, but being a bit wider would have been a bit more comforting when stuffing it with wide items like books. Nevertheless, the barrage is one to own for all your biking and (ir)regular backpacking needs!
Almost forgot to say that the webbing design is very handy for carrying wet clothes since they dry up quicker than being inside a duffel bag, or one might use it to carry a portable Bose speaker so that everyone can hear one jam out while riding...just saying..


Great mid-size bag. Inside pouch has a few issues.

Review by Kuma

This is my first Chrome bag and I am loving it.
It's fits a LOT of stuff vertically but width is so so and and it's not ideal for carrying boxes. Maybe fit one shoe box.
Inside pouch broke after 6 months and even thought warranty covers it, I haven't had a chance to send it back since I use it almost everyday.
I wish there is a snap to close the pouch too.

Only think I don't like it about is that the straps gets twisted easily.

Overall pretty awesome bag.


Take it to the bank

Review by Longpatterned

Long time Chrome posse member, first time reviewer.. The Barrage is my second favorite backpack from Chrome. Technically, the Soma (my #1) isn't a true backpack, but the Barrage is perfect for those in between errands I often find left to me -- going to the bank for change and deposit, picking up the share of produce, and doing site surveys for bike rack installation. Having a place for the helmet when it's not on the head, or that big dirty bunch of greens and roots while carrying a laptop or iPad, a yellow legal pad, camera, tripod, mini U-lock, plus I strap my folding solar panels to the webbing mesh to charge the cellular that's in the phone pouch. I'm a grocery getting, picture taking, energy plant, and taking it too the bank. Nice design, wish it were about 2 inches wider as I'm larger than skinny jeans. That would have bought the Barrage that fifth star. The new reflective camo version is on the way to me now.. come to papa..
p.s. one day there will be a secret gun pocket in this bag too..


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